Tanker Stealth Black Edition

The legendary Tanker with a SUPATUNA Highspeed Tuning

The Tanker line is the epitome of freeriding. Do you know what endless turns in wide open terrain, high speed runs, full control and never being last feels like? No? Then buy a Tanker, head to the mountains, and expect to never want to go home again!

The package includes a free SUPATUNA HIGH SPEED TUNING (Base & Edge Tuning) and a supercool RAD/AIR T-SHIRT in Size S/M/L/XL or XXL for a limited time special price of EUR 669.00 (offer valid for online orders until 15.03.2022)

Tanker 181

You know that you want that extra 10 cm for wide open and not super steep terrain. This is what drove the design for the 181 and you’ll find a ride that is the perfect all-around all-montain board you always wanted. Incredible edge hold makes it a deck that is extremely versatile, no matter if it’s untracked terrain or corduroy groomers.

rad air Snowboards
Rietstrasse 7
8840 Einsiedeln

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