CIMA TOSA 3.173m | CANALONE NERI (850m 50°)

Riding the longest ice-couloir in the Eastern Alps:
Cima Tosa 3.173m/Canalone Neri (850m 50°)
May 21st 2010

The Dolomiti di Brenta in Italy is a fascinating landscape whose rough character is formed by vertical towers and massive rugged rock faces. In this beautiful scenery, the Cima Tosa (3.173m) forms the highest peak and hosts the object we desire to ascend and ride down: the longest ice couloir in the Eastern Alps, the Canalone Neri (850hm vertical drop, 50° ice) on its northern side.

We depart at four in the morning to the couloir at sunrise. Under a bright blue sky, hiking up the couloir and climbing the icewall feels like a gift from nature and the excitement rises about riding down- we have no doubt that it is possible for us to ride down regarding the current- excellen!- snow conditions.

Before we start our ride down we enjoy the impressive view overlooking the Brenta. The snow is firmly packed but not icy, nevertheless two third of the way down are a non-falling-zone regarding the icewall. Today it is possible to ride all the way down going around the icewall without using the ropes.

Happy at the end of the 850m vertical drop in 50°, jippieh!